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December 24th


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Sunday, May 07, 2006
World Premiere

c'est parfait.

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I'm supposed to be studying chapter eight of history, but guess what I'm doing. We haven't done a single English composition since the start of the year.

I don't want to do introspective reflection pieces and score full marks or ninety percent or ninety five percent for them. I don't want to analyse characters and get a fourteen over fifteen or twelve over fifteen. I don't want to do comprehensions and get seventeen over twenty. I don't want to- to...

I want to write a story where characters spring to LIFE instead of standing there and waiting to be critiqued, having their motives and traits spelt out one by one meticulously. I want PROSE I want FLOW I want DIALOGUE and I want to CREATE these.

Hey Mrs. Lee, starving writer here.

It's kind of an excuse for not writing, but I want a composition precisely because I want to get my muse back. Give me a topic, force me to write, and I don't care if I get a frikkin 22/30, at least I WROTE and the MOMENTUM'S there and I'll be haaaaaappy.

Literature isn't supposed to be a dead subject.
Neither is English.


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Monday, May 08, 2006
literature class

Lit now, in the computer lab they call the Writing Workshop. Doing something on foot binding. Pei Hwa seems to like arranging the powerpoint slides.

oh, c'est ennuyeux.

This is interesting, though:

4 minutes to PE, and it's back to Colin Phee.

Savour the computer access, for now.

Kerina's asking me if I know how to read short form.

I do, actually. Sort of.


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release his ball.

I washed my own dishes after dinner.
One more thing for you to marvel at, Robyn. :)
but seriously. My mum was like, "It's time you learnt how to wash your own dishes."

I do know how to wash my own dishes. It's just never really been required of me before. I know, I know, I'm a pampered spoilt brat, but ugh. Why NOW, MUMMY. Why TODAY when I have history and chinese tingxie to study for. Why TODAY when I have to practise my pieces for piano tomorrow.

Nevermind. I'm being some sort of a hypocrite here, seeing as I'm supposed to be studying for history (!) but I'm here, blogging.

I'm at failedpessimist now, listening to Summer Sunshine. Andrea (?) Corr has a nice voice.

anyhoo. PE was nothing short of sick, and disgusting, and horribly fun. Tennis! Weng Jun and Drina are pretty good.

Pei Hwa was the guinea pig. Mr. Phee's target.
"... when I release my ball..."
"... below her waist..."

Pardon me.

One of the perks of being in a single gender school's that you can have sex ed lessons in peace. Sort of.

I still want Philosophy class. How come the Rafflesians get them and we don't. :/

MEP presentation. Our whole thing was messed up, uncoordinated, and we must've looked retarded up there going YAY and BEEP and BEEP and BEEP.

The class seemed to like it though.

yaay then. Liu Yi and Kerina didn't like the song, though. They thought Pei Hwa made it too jazzy. It's supposed to be a song composed for children, and they... disapprove of the over-jazziness.

right. Okay.

but jazz is nice!

"The one who got 20/20 for the concert report is Stacy..."

omfg. Mr. Cher actually SAID that. He said THAT. MEP is the subject I fail flunk hate and I'm actually scoring full marks for my concert report.
It doesn't prove anything, really, just that I'm good at researching and summarizing stuff. Putting phrases into flowery settings helps too.

I still can't do melodic dictation. I still don't have a 'musical ear' like most of my classmates do; can't tell D minor from F minor.

I can't compose songs on the spot like Pei Hwa can.
I can't sight-read as well as Erin can.
I can't, like Hui Ting, play a song on the piano only instants after I've heard it.
I can't tell note from note.
I can't sight-sing.

So yeah, ultimately, I still suck at MEP.

it's kind of nice though. Like PSLE.
Me expecting 220+, ranked near the bottom of the class for the past few exams, suddenly becoming ninth in class and level with a score of 256. It's amazingly surreal, up till now even.

me twirling drunk swirl on the balcony


I don't like literature lessons that much anymore.
though I like them better than Maths.  

I want an eccentric teacher like Mr. Foo to teach us lit and english.

woot. Okay, time for history.

pour l'amour de Dieu!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

and moley.
Pei Ying's nicknames in primary school.
skittles; primary four or five, in an excursion bus, secretly slipping skittles into Qian Ni's pack of twisties.

Moley; bingo chess, Pei Ying sticking the pieces onto her face.

How come these things just don't happen in secondary school, at least not in my social circle.

To-day, Mr. Cher gave an excruciatingly boring CME lesson. (excruciatingly boring! excruciatingly boring! last year's spoof! oh, I bet no one remembers)
Something about how good friends did blah blah blah. And if a friend did something, he'd be considered a bad friend. Apparently it's relevent to our well-being. Relevent and having been drilled into us since kindergarten. Thanks a lot, Mr. Cher. You're a great teacher. I love you and your hairy chest.

And I don't know why, I just find Mrs. Gurung irritating. I know she's a nice lady who only cares for our well-being, and does what she does just for us to emerge into society to become gracious ladies just like her. Sometimes she goes overboard though.

At the track today, after the level morning jog;

Mrs. Soh: PE leaders, go get the attendance booklets from Mr. Phee.

PE leaders shuffle and stand up and start treading their way through the crowd.

Mrs. Gurung: (in a bored, hawkishly stern voice) Get the booklets.


Mrs. Soh: Please keep your noise level down!

Mrs. Gurung: Keep quiet!

no offence dear Mrs. Gurung, if you read this: is it really necessary to rephrase and reiterate every single thing Mrs. Soh says?

and after that, she gave us a talk on how we should have integrity and jog any number of rounds they tell us to jog. Okay, I can deal with that. I get rather irritated when I'm done with my three rounds and those girls who've only jogged two rounds slip in behind and pretend they've run three rounds as well. gaah.

and she had to repeat, and emphasise, and talk about how we didn't have the right moral values and all.

Right moral values.

How does she know what the right moral values are?

teachers are so frustrating.

After Maths today, before Science remedial, I went to the eco-garden for a while to watch the peacocks. And when I was going back upstairs I nearly collided with our adorable elderly Physics teacher, Mr. Gan.

that's one teacher that's nice.

And the staircase leading to the eco-garden/MEP room has cobwebs. I would know.

what is it with people and Comic Sans MS?
how ugly. Though I used to like it.

mmm I miss the view from my p6A classroom.

where the city sleeps
I love that line, kinda.

I'm losing that streak. ):

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Isn't she beautiful.


stacy ooi hui quan

is unsure of herself

is like a baroque vocal piece


Soup of the day. ;)
I love melisma.
I love but suck at dancing, hockey and drawing.

The brigantine The Dolphin was the one Katherine Tyler sailed on, from Barbados to bleak Wethersfield where she found meadow and friendship and hostility and love with Nathaniel Eaton. Lanky, freckled, eyes blue as the sea. Shadow falling across the small hut of the widow Hannah. Bared to the waist and chopping firewood. Hand gripping her wrist as she scrambled to leave the rooftop. Mocking and arrogant and absolutely in love.

A faithful sailor; fancy that.

That was incredibly pretty.
Elizabeth George Speare, you rock.

Thanks for making my few months, and for giving sweet memories.

Blessed with a French kiss every night.

hahah, I wonder which guardian angel'd do that.

I passed my Maths test, see. 28/40, which is an A2, assez bon.

Wonder how I did for my history test. I am so failing the source-based questions. The previous 4/12 sucked, man.

I wish my hair smelt of a different shampoo. Maybe vanilla or apple.

I've been commenting on Greg's blog lately and...

Why do people assume so much?


It's 9.06pm, yo.
getting used to blogdrive now.

failedpessimist, I still love you.

Joan remarked once that she'd found my blog.
failedpessimist, that is.
My blog is chim! O_O
um, alright. I'll take that as a compliment.
hullo, Joan, if you're here.

and any other schoolmates who read this but never tag.

Unless the reason for the lack of tags/comments is because... because... my schoolmates don't read my blog! legasp.

bursts into tears.

But yeah Esther, I read your comment. :)

Lasso mah heart away.
tryna fake a cowgirl accent now.

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Wen Kai's birthday is on the 12th of May.
Qian Ni's is on the 14th.
Liu Yi's is on the 18th.

Courtesy of friendster, naturally. I suck at remembering birthdays.

EXCEPT, of course, for 13th February and 7th May and 4th July and 6th December. :)


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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

anyway, I couldn't wait till I came home, so you see:


'Blogging' on foolscap now b'cos some thoughts can't wait for the computer. Going for Bel Canto tomorrow! Today was zuo wen, test. It was... quite fun. My Granddad's Hands, no matter how cliche that sounds. Only it's hard to miao2 xie3 with my non-existent Chinese vocabulary.

Ah, Teo Liang just tried to peep at this precious foolscap. I technically don't like people to watch me while I'm blogging, though I'm fine with them reading my blog, but... anyway, I turned it over and smiled at her. She grins and apologizes.

Small exchanges can be so fun sometimes.

Lit lesson. Okay, Mrs. Sushilla said so many nice things about me that I'm starting to feel guilty about saying that I didn't like lit class. But it's true! Je n'aime pas de detailed character analysis, especially when it's put in point form and stuffs.

anw she went something like, "Who shall be a writer in the future?"

and the class drones my name.

But Mrs. Sushilla, I can write, but I can't plot. But haha, she was all about how I should include her in my future (and non-existent!) book I will, if I do manage to get one published. Writing is hard enough, and then comes the whole publishing issue... maybe I can turn to my uncle. He has, err, connections. -cough-

I just heard someone refer to me as the future writer.


anyway Mrs. Sushilla asked me after the lesson if I was in the Writer's Mentor Group/CAP which Robyn is also in. OMG. SNG ACTUALLY HAS IT THIS YEAR AS WELL. I thought I blew my chance last year when I tried and didn't get in! I told her no. She looked shocked and told me to refer to Mrs. Lee for it. (mrs lee, english teacher) So I shall. English period in five minutes. HOW COME I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE PROGRAM.

Science after that was okay. Some people at the back started singing and Emily went into labour and I contemplated putting picures of my science notes on this blog cos they (at least, some parts) look prettily neat.

Recess, toilette. I saw something disgusting in one of the stalls.

There can only be so many disgusting things in a girls' toilet.


5 minutes after recess and Mrs. Lee's not here yet!
do ex. 6b for Maths. Shucks.
can't. wait. till. Friday.

Y'know the number of words I just wrote could've passed for an EL compo in primary school. And my hand doesn't hurt. That's good.

Mrs. Lee's here!

She's giving out our EL comprehension test. I'm... scared.


sometimes I hate myself. :/

research geog
election (in chinese)
get concert program


alright, that was written during recess.


I'm officially de-stressed.

Now to research on the three gorges dam.

Because of a book I read sometime last month, the word 'gorge' has an uncomfortable sexual implication.

then, all things seem to have sexual implications.

Even the tennis ball.

In primary school, p6, everytime the word 'ball' was mentioned the class burst out laughing.


popye the sailor man!

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quizthing. Got this from Esther's blog. :)

Name 10 bands/singers.
1 Kelly Clarkson
2 Jason Mraz
3 Ashlee Simpson
4 Enya
5 Josh Groban
6 Bill Withers
7 Skye Sweetnam
8 Avril Lavigne
9 Jet
10 Vanessa Carlton

1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6? Ain't No Sunshine When She's gone

2. What is your favourite album of 8? I've never bought her albums.

3. What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung? No particular.

4.How many times have you seen 4 live? Jamais! legasp.

5. What is your favourite song of 7? Tangled Up In Me

6. What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10? Nothin' much. Robyn was at chez moi, and the radio was on, and White Houses came on and she went: "Oh, White Houses!"

7. Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad? Pieces of Me. Reminds me of primary school, the relaxed days after psle. :)

8. What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung? I forgot. Um. Something from Wordplay.

9. What is your favourite song by 9? You mean, the -only- song? Look What You've Done.

10. How did you get into 3? Magazine. LIME magazine. Jessica Simpson's siter. Pretty hair.

11. What was the first song you heard by 1? Miss Independent.

12. What is your favourite song by 4? ARE YOU KIDDING ALL HER SONGS ROCK.

13. How many times have you seen 9 live? Never. I don't even know if that's a nickname or a band's name.

14. What is a good memory you have concerning 2? Nothing much. Radio. Me attempting to sing along to Wordplay but failing.

15. Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad? My Happy Ending. No actually, that makes me wanna sing along, that's all. hello you're talking to a girl who only cries in the privacy of her room with the radio switched off. I wouldn't know.

16. What is your favourite album of 5? I dunno. I just like his voice.

17. What is your favourite song of 1? Walk Away, right now.

18. What is your favourite song of 10? White Houses.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006
sky and skye

In response to Liu Yi's comment, namely:

wah lau... now then you know how to wash your own dishes?????


umm no not exactly. I've always known how to wash my own dishes. I just don't need to because someone else does... though now my mum wants me to wash my own dishes at least twice a week or smth. Okay okay I know Liu Yi, I sound obnoxious as compared to you who has to iron your own clothes, probably on top of washing your own dishes as well... okay. That kind of life is unthinkable.

(at least for spoilt moi)

AND HEY LIU YI when I was using the no-tagboard skin at failed pessimist, you kept bugging me to get a tagboard but now I have a tagboard and you're not using it! mehh.

anyway, half an hour of tennis today.
I know that sounds pathetic. Just that it started raining halfway, and I just got home, and whaddayaknow it's not raining anymore.

these few days it's like I'm far too lazy to reply to tags.

I wonder why hockey coach thinks I'm a good player. I can't pass quickly, sometimes I trip over the ball while dribbling, drop my stick absent-mindedly, never know where to stand to receive a good shot, can't sweep well, good hits aren't consistent, can't tackle, can't defend, etc.

Recently I've been reading books I never thought I'd read. Namely vampire-based stories, and vampire-based manga.

Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire.
Vampire Knight, some manga thingy.

I never liked vampires. Or manga.

Just curious.


you wanna know more more more about me
I'm the girl who's kicking the coke machine (I am?)
I'm the one who's honking at you cos I left late again

Tangled Up In Me is such a fun song. Though I'd never kick the coke machine, because coke machines are sacred. I'd kick something like... the water cooler. Oh, and when I get a car (highly unlikely, baby. I'll either cycle or be driven around. most likely cycle. THINK OF THE ENVIRONMENT. CARBON MONOXIDE. CARBON DIOXIDE. GREENHOUSE EFFECT. AIR POLLUTANTS.) I'd never honk at people. I'm far too polite for that.

Speaking of geog, I WANT MISS LUO BACK.
Mrs. Sherwood is boring. ):
y'know Miss Luo lives in Serangoon Gardens, same as me. But she refused to tell us where in Serangoon Gardens she lived.

Skye Sweetnam sounds like a nice person to hang out with. As in, the acquaintance hanging out thing.

The shoes I wear to school, I wore them in p6.
My feet seem to have shrunk.
anyway, these shoes are falling apart. Cracks everywhere and the sole of one is half-gone already.

I thought today, while watching the lightning and hearing the thunder, it's like a swift knife slash. The skin rips open like soft tissue and at first you don't feel anything, then boom, the pain's everywhere and ringing in your ears.

When I heard the thunder it was like the sky was being torn apart. shiiiiiiiboom

Papery sky. Poooor thingay.


thank you.

and every thinking session only leads me one step closer to believing that the world really was created by a god, or a higher being, god anyway.

Though I don't think I can ever bring myself to believe in what the bible/kuran/etc. say.

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