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December 24th


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Thursday, May 20, 2010
never farewell

Omfg... hi blog. Couldn't stay away forever could I? This morning I walked out of PE halfway and saw the A10 guys at right wing. I'd told Bodong that the mbti test he took on facebook is complete crap (there is no way I am an ISTJ) and totally lacks test validity, so spent a few minutes trying to explain the MBTI categories to him. I am not the best person at explaining even things I understand - does this mean I don't understand it fully myself? maybe - so I am rather crestfallen that I fail as ambassador of my favourite personality theory. No actually I think my explanation was pretty awesome. Whatever.

Anyway MBTI is only one personality theory, another awesome one is the Enneagram. The difference between the two? -- Enneagram focuses more on uncovering our inner motivations, fears, values and weaknesses. It says that human beings are essentially two parts -- our true inner selves, and the outer self that we develop to interact with the social world. Obviously the former affects the development of the latter. It describes our true selves as our 'essences' (it sounds terribly New Age-y and dubious, doesn't it?) and our outer selves as 'personality'.

I haven't read up much on Enneagram but I think it'll be interesting to see how MBTI and Ennegram interact -- there are a lot of correlations apparently. E.g. INTPs tend to be type 5/6s on the enneagram, INFPs tend to be types 1/9/4, ENFPs tend to be types 4/7, etc. I get how we may feel stereotyped / boxed in, but I'm studying personality theory not cuz I'm looking for some ultimate guide to labelling people but simply because I'm interested in, well, studying the theories. Obviously personality is a complex thing that can never be explained fully in theories and types and whatever. Theories only define you if you let them. Knowledge is neutral, it's how people use it that's good or bad... (And what's so sacred about the Self anyway that we feel offended that it can supposedly be summed up in four letters? <_<)

Anyway I'm... so excited! I know this post is so nerdy, I don't even know why I'm posting it but hey knowledge is good and this is technically my KI IS... in a way... *drifts off into clouds and theories*

So I won't go into detail here. But I think it's interesting.

We're studying Proof for Burge Lit and I love it so far. He always manages to open up so many new angles of looking at a text -- how can one person be able to penetrate so deeply and insightfully and creatively into a text? The surface layer is nothing to him -- most of us only get to see the surface layer, but he slips past it with ease. It's like he has some magic key or something. I imagine that with a mind like that, barriers don't exist. It's like having X-ray vision. Not that I'd know.

Today he described studying a novel as trying to paint a portrait of something. You start with the first layer, the foundation, then as you go on you add more nuances and subtle shades of colour until in the end you get something that looks almost like the original. Reminds me of Plato's ideal forms...

Shit heheh Barnard gave a talk yesterday about how the university staff read the Facebook pages / blogs of uni applicants... and well... I know he describes Mr. Burge as a Luddite and everything but I rave about Mr. Burge so much on this blog that if he ever reads this *cross fingers* he is probably going to find me such a disgusting little fangirl. Someone should create merchandise.

I know like tons of Glee songs so it's weird that I haven't actually watched the show.

You know part of the reason why I wanted to go to HP was cuz I was hoping that it'd stretch me, that I'd get smarter and more knowledgeable and more enlightened. The thing I hadn't banked upon was the... lack of reins, lack of steering. In secondary sch it felt like I was a puppet and the teachers were my puppeteers, controlling my every movement, dictating the specific phrases I had to use in essays, etc. All I had to do was empty myself and let them fill me... heheheh that sounds so wrong. If anyone got the HMT reference, ILU much much

And yeah I mean, the tutors are opinionated, insightful and quirky. But their relatively hands-off laissez faire approach makes me realize that education isn't a one-way thing, I can't just go into their lessons and absorb their genius and get epiphanies just like *that*. That's Singaporean sponge-style learning, osmosis, passivity and laziness. If I want to learn I have to do my own work, my own thinking. The tutors are just there to guide us. Clichéd phrase but I don't want to analyze this any further ATM.

So yeah maybe HP is screwed up like *that*. But I think I can learn from this. If only I will get off my lazy damn ass...

Anyway I'm kind of screwed. Lit H3 + KI IS + general revision for Alevels? I'm going to hell and NEVER COMING BACK

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